Financial accounting

Bookkeeping and the processing of data for use by management and/or the parent company is carried out in Slovak or in German/English, if requested. Our Company uses Slovak accounting software by PROLUČ.

If requested by the customer, we are able to offer comprehensive bookkeeping services in the customer’s premises and using the customer’s software (e.g. Pro-Alpha, SAP, Pohoda, etc.).

We offer the following financial accounting services:

  • Establishment of financial accounting
  • Regular processing of financial accounting based on Slovak legislation
  • Generation of monthly or quarterly value added tax returns
  • Possibility of generation of transfer orders for the customer
  • Reporting compliant with valid Slovak legislation (e.g. statistical reports, NBS reports, INTRASTAT, etc.)
  • Generation of monthly (quarterly) financial statements, monthly (quarterly) reports in the form requested by the customer and in compliance with Slovak legislation, as well as any group regulations (HB II, IFRS, US GAAP)
  • Generation of regular, intermediate and/or extraordinary financial statements pursuant to Slovak accounting standards
  • Preparation of source documents for the purposes of consolidation, based on the requirements of the parent company
  • Generation of reports complying with international accounting standards
  • Reconstruction of accounting
  • Representation of customers in financial inspections

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