More than an inspection.

Our audit services include all the steps needed to successfully verify financial statements prepared in accordance with the Slovak Accounting Standards (SAS) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), from initial familiarization with the customer’s business to verification of their Annual Report.

Audits are usually carried out in several stages. Familiarization with the accounting entity, checking of internal processes, participation in physical stock taking and verification of fixed assets and accounting records are carried out during a preliminary audit within the customer’s premises. During the final audit stage, our work focuses on the re-verification of accounting records and the checking of financial statements, the annual report, reporting, etc. The scope of work to be carried out is subject to specific conditions or the requirements of the customer. The quality and scope of work is the same regardless of whether the customer is classified as a micro accounting entity, large entity, municipality or non-profit entity.

The result of the audit is an auditor̕ s report prepared in Slovak, English or German, as required by the customer. Apart from the auditor̕ s report, the customer is provided with a so-called management letter, describing any identified non-conformances and recommendations and/or proposals to improve accounting practices or the functioning of the internal control system.

Our audit services include:

  • Statutory and non-mandatory audits of financial statements prepared in conformance with SAS
  • Verification of consolidated financial statements
  • Audits of non-profit organizations, foundations and municipalities
  • Forensic audits focusing on identifying fraud and theft
  • Audits of financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS
  • Other assurance services, e.g. agreed procedures, verification of agreements on business combinations (merger by acquisition, absorption, divestiture), verification of compliance with additional conditions, etc.
  • Verification of utilization of subsidies from EU funds (e.g. Horizon 2020, FP7, Tempus, etc.)
  • Verification of historical financial information
  • Verification of internal control system
  • Verification of group consolidated statements (“reporting packages”) prepared on the basis of German, Austrian regulations, IFRS, US GAAP, or other regulations, on the basis of consolidation instructions
  • Due diligence
  • Accounting consultancy focusing on Slovak Accounting standards, IFRS and the like
  • Training related to topics and areas as required by customer
  • Other services as required by customers

The members of our audit team are young and flexible people with a university education, who constantly supplement their education using training sessions organized by our network, the Slovak Chamber of Auditors, Slovak Chamber of Certified Accountants and other organizations. Strict observation of the Auditor’s Code of Ethics is an obvious and essential basis for the performance of our work.

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