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MANDAT CONSULTING, k.s. and MANDAT AUDIT, s.r.o. have been active on the Slovak market since 2004, providing tax advisory and auditing services. Since then we have been offering services relating to taxes, financial accounting, payroll agenda and statutory auditing for small- and middle-sized enterprises as well as international companies doing business in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Thanks to our long-term collaboration with international consultancy firms, combined with the competencies of Slovak certified accountants and statutory auditors, we are able to provide consultancy services to foreign investment customers.

In the area of services provided by us, like e.g. tax consultancy and audit services, MANDAT companies currently employ 57 qualified workers, including 3 statutory auditors and 5 certified accountants. We have also been collaborating closely with external law firms.

Most of our workers communicate in foreign languages and therefore we are able to provide high-quality consultancy services to foreign investors entering our market, subsidiaries of foreign companies, branches of international corporations, foreign managers and other personnel, etc.

Since 2004, MANDAT companies have through HLB International, a global network of independent consultants, been able to address accounting and tax issues related not only to the Slovak Republic.

The knowledge of our qualified personnel, combined with the global reach of the HLB International network, provides us with experience and global capabilities expected and truly deserved by our customers.

Through the HLB International network, we can help you doing business in any place of the world.

Our target:

  • Competence
  • Reliability
  • Fastness
  • Client-orientation

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